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Women-friendly events

Research period: 2022-2023


Are you organising an event? Get to work on what women really care about.

In this project, a guide was developed that provides you, as a professional or non-professional organiser, with a handy guide to organise events where women feel welcome.

In this guide, we present a collection of insights and practical tips
focusing on seven important themes concerning the organisation of events. In addition, we provide you with good practice examples and the views of experts.

You can use these tips and insights as an organiser to make your event attractive to women in general and women with a migration background in particular. And do so by meeting their interests, needs and expectations.

The guide is the result of practice-oriented scientific research carried out by the research centre Public Impact at Karel de Grote Hogeschool, with the support of the Flemish government.

Download the guide Zij aan zij (in Dutch).

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