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Gender Equality

Research period: 2022-2023







Women still participate less than men in social and cultural activities. This can be explained by different thresholds that influence the accessibility for women.


This project wants to map these thresholds and provide tools to increase accessibility at events. After all, a balanced gender participation in social life has not only societal but also economic benefits.


Insights and tools

To gain insights into the thresholds, following criteria that influence accessibility are studied: usability, reliability, understandability, familiarity, availability, and affordability.


The gender perspective is still too often ignored in the planning, design and implementation of events. There is a lack of tools to promote accessibility and to address gender-based violence and transgressive behaviour to make events safer for women.


The insights and tools developed in this project will help raise awareness and inform organisers and local authorities about the importance of taking action for equal participation at events.

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