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Visitor profiles

Research period: 2018 - 2020

PWO project


Who are the visitors of an event? Do they mainly want to experience something or are they more interested in the substance? Or maybe they just want to have fun with others? If you know what motivates them and what they like, you can reach them better and adapt your event to their wishes and needs.


Our motivational research resulted in six distinct profiles.

Visitor profiles


  • The largest group of event visitors in Flanders are the Planners. They want to inform themselves about the event well in advance, so they won’t be faced with any surprises. They feel best with what they know and what they are used to.

  • Diggers mainly want to learn something new. That is why you see them more often at events around knowledge and networking or events where art and culture are central.

  • Cocooners prefer to attend an event in people they are familiar with. They look for security and protection in the group. This gives them confidence.

  • Adventurers want to be stimulated and are totally absorbed in your event. It is important for them to feel free, and they like to be open to surprises and unexpected twists. 

  • Socialisers are group animals. They prefer events where they can be with friends and family, preferably not too far away. They prefer to follow the group rather than taking the lead.

  • Influencers are a small but very active group. They like to be well informed about everything, including which events will be organised in the future. They want to take the lead and like to advise others.




How can you map the visitor profiles of an event and predict them in advance? The tool Profiler provides insight into the different visitor profiles: motivations, behaviour and wishes.


With these insights, the supply of the event can be aligned better with the demand of (desired) visitors. The organiser can also optimise the communication, the experience and the substance of the event.


An important part of this tool is the visitor survey. The visitors can be surveyed during the event. The event professional can personalise it by adding questions. This way, the organiser determines which extra information he/she wants to know about the visitors.

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