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Master Class Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Do you want to shift up a gear to make your organisation future-proof? Is your organisation ready for a real leap forward in sustainable entrepreneurship? Are you looking for a structural approach that allows you to start working in an efficient and concrete way? Do you think a method based on knowledge and expertise is at least as important as the sustainable strategy itself?


Then register for this programme and 'accelerate your organisation towards sustainable entrepreneurship'. You can follow this programme both modularly and as a whole. Individual coaching sessions are always combined with to group work sessions.

Workshop Inclusive Organisations

Creating an inclusive work environment requires concrete efforts and targeted actions.

During this workshop (2 to 3 hours) you will learn how your organisation can make an impact on the different philosophies of life in the workplace. Together, we will look in detail at the ten management principles from our research. Each principle is linked to specific tips, practical examples, and expert advice.

We challenge you to formulate tangible actions and recommendations for your organisation and to take steps towards a more inclusive work environment.

Webinar Inclusive Organisations


How inclusive is your organisation? With the website 'inclusive organisations' (in Dutch) and free webinar 'inclusive organisations' we inspire and inform you about different philosophies of life in the workplace. We work around three pillars:


  • create an inclusive climate

  • adopt an inclusive leadership style

  • establish inclusive practices


Watch the free webinar, read more about our management principles and do the check!

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