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Safety at events

Research period: 2021-2023
PWO project


How can we organise safer events?

This research aims to help the event sector to map the various safety risks at events. This way, the risks can be managed more effectively: risks regarding health, mobility, crowd, safety, security and crisis management.

Safety = top priority

Safety has become an even more critical priority due to the corona crisis. More than ever safety first is the starting point for the organisation of all events, regardless of the type or size of the event.


In this research project, we work closely with partners active in the event sector, the safety sector, the medical sector and with local and regional governments.


Integral safety model


The aim of this research is to develop an integral safety model for events. The model will not only advise, inform and inspire, but it will also help to evaluate. This model will be translated into an online platform with a safety scan. This scan will provide specific guidelines tailored to all event professionals in Belgium.

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