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EC PI_evenementen religieuze diversiteit

Philosophies of life in SMEs

Research period: 2019-2021
PWO project


Diversity in the workplace is a great asset to organisations, both internally and externally. Benefits include strong connectivity within and between teams, higher customer satisfaction, better reputation and more confidence in the quality of products and services delivered.


SMEs and inclusion


More and more organisations in general and Flemish SMEs in particular are striving for more diversity in the workplace and a more inclusive working environment. Why? The effective management of a diverse group of employees is crucial for any successful organisation.


However, creating an inclusive work environment cannot run on autopilot, but requires concrete efforts and targeted actions.


This study is specifically aimed at employers, team leaders and HR managers. It is because there is a clear need for workable tools to successfully manage (ideological) diversity and promote inclusion in the workplace within SMEs.


Management principles


By means of ten management principles and corresponding concrete tips, we answer to the question: how can we deal impactfully with ideological diversity in the SME workplace? In addition, we provide good practices and we give the floor to experts.


The management principles were established through practice-based scientific research with a strong focus on qualitative research. We interviewed employers, team leaders, HR managers and employees, all working in Flemish SMEs. In addition, we organised group discussions with SME employees with a non-Christian ideological conviction.

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