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EC PI_evenementen mobiliteitskeuzes bezo

Navigating event mobility

Research period: 2021-2023

PWO project


Are you organising an event? Convince your visitors of a sustainable alternative to the car!


The car is king in event traffic: almost three out of four event visitors in Flanders take the car to travel to an event. Naturally, this has consequences for people, nature and society: air pollution, noise pollution, congested traffic and nuisance for local residents. So the need for a modal shift where visitors choose a different, more sustainable mode of transport is high. But how do you convince visitors to jump on their bikes or take the bus to an event? In short, to make a more sustainable transport choice? 


Based on two years of research, we created the guide "Wegwijs in evenementenmobiliteit: Hoe stimuleer je duurzame mobiliteit naar jouw evenement?". This guide targets cities and municipalities to assist them in organising sustainable event mobility. Professionals who deal with mobility in a city or municipality on a daily basis will also find tips to optimise it in the context of events. We formulated eight mobility interventions with accompanying tips that event organisers can implement to convince visitors to travel more sustainably to and from events. With this guide, we show them the way to a sustainable modal shift for events.

Download the guide: Wegwijs in evenementenmobiliteit (in Dutch)

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