Impact coronacrisis

What is the impact of the corona crisis on the event sector in Belgium?


We are monitoring the impact of the corona crisis, now and in the future. Both event professionals and event visitors are surveyed at regular intervals.

A research by the centre of expertise Public Impact commissioned by VISITFLANDERS and EventFlanders, and on the initiative of the Alliance of Belgian Event Federations, FMiV and Experience Magazine.

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The event professional surveyed (March - June 2020)

  • Organizers of events in Belgium expect a loss of sales of 68% in 2020 compared to 2019. Event organizers estimate the loss at 1.7 billion euros. (survey June 2020)

  • The expected loss of turnover by suppliers to events (such as catering, decoration, audiovisual support, etc.) is estimated at 71%. Suppliers expect to lose more than €4.7 billion. (June 2020 survey)

  • Yet we also see signs of hope. More organisers and suppliers than in March trust that their organisation has sufficient reserves to survive the crisis.

  • Between March and June 2020, as many as three out of ten organisations active in the event sector had to let staff go. Six out of ten organisations expect that they will have to lay people off in the next three months as well. (June 2020 survey)

The event visitor surveyed (June 2020)

  • Six out of ten Belgians who visited at least one event last year, miss they cannot go to events.

  • One fifth of the visitors would go immediately when they are safely organised again. Within a month, that is already half.

  • It is not the same for all events. The data show that visitors would go more quickly to a wedding or a cultural event than to a fair.

  • Two out of three visitors are confident that the organisers will make their events as corona proof as possible.

  • Event visitors want to attend events again, but under certain conditions: eight out of ten visitors claim that hygienic measures must be provided, such as disinfecting hand sanitisers or the possibility to wash hands.

  • Six out of ten feel that it would be better to make it compulsory for staff to wear mouth masks.

  • They are prepared to pay a little extra for a ticket, drinks and food to cover the costs of the extra safety measures.


How can we organise safe events during the COVID corona crisis? 

Together with VISITFLANDERS, EventFlanders and the Alliance of Belgian Event Federations, we developed the COVID Event Risk Model (CERM). Thanks to this model, the COVID security risk of any event, regardless of its size or type, can be assessed.

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