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Impact corona crisis

Research period: 2020-2021

In collaboration with VISITFLANDERS, EventFlanders and different event federations in Belgium


What is the impact of the corona crisis on the event sector in Belgium?


We are monitoring the impact since the outbreak of the crisis in March 2020. Both event professionals and event visitors are regularly surveyed.


The event professional surveyed


Some remarkable research results (January 2021):

  • Compared to 2019, Belgian event organisers predict a turnover loss of no less than 75% for 2020.

  • The expected turnover loss for event suppliers (such as venues, catering, audiovisual support) is estimated at 73%.

  • Five in six organisers and nine in ten suppliers foresee financial problems in 2021.

  • Almost half (45%) of the organisations surveyed have had to let people go since the start of the crisis.

  • Only 36% of the organisations are preparing physical events in December 2020, most of which are planned for the third quarter of 2021.

  • Three out of four organisations believe that the sector will not return to full capacity until 2022 at the earliest.

The event visitor surveyed

Some remarkable research results (May 2021):

  • 85% of the event visitors want to go to events again, but only when they are safe. Six out of ten want to return to events only after they have been vaccinated. 

  • A corona passport is accepted by 56%, if that means they can go to events sooner. Only 23% think that such a corona passport is not a good idea.

  • Even undergoing rapid tests at the start of an event is no problem for 65% of the visitors. 43% even consider this as an indispensable precondition.

  • 78% still consider the compulsory use of hygiene measures at events an indispensable precondition to go back to events.

  • Almost 65% would rather go to an event where social distancing is obligatory.

  • 60% would rather go to an event where mouth masks are compulsory.

  • Almost half of the visitors is prepared to pay more for drinks and food during events. One third is prepared to pay a little more to help the organisers bear the extra costs.

  • Almost 70 percent are sure that the organisers will take the correct precautions to ensure that everything will run safely.