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Event Toolkit Workshop

Our Event Impact Toolkit provides free tools and guidelines to calculate the impact and value of your event. The tools offer answers to: who attends your event? What impact does the event have on society and the local economy? How best to count event visitors?


Need tailor-made advice and guidance on how to get started with these tools? Let us know. During this full-day workshop, we will explain to your team step by step how to use the tools in your organisation. You can exercise, ask questions and work with a concrete case during the workshop.

Webinar Event Communication


Who are the visitors at your event? How do you communicate best to which groups? What information are they looking for?


With this free webinar (in Dutch) on target group oriented event communication, we inform and inspire you on how to communicate about your event to specific target groups.


The goal: a better match between your target groups and your event.

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