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Expertisecentrum Publieke Impact


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Study and guidance programmes for public events with (more) impact.


Fully tailored to your organisation. 


  • Become an expert in events and impact analysis.

  • Learn how to predict, measure and improve the public impact of events.

  • Discover how you can create a programme of events full of impact.

  • Learn from our coaches and consultants.



  • You will learn how to create a programme of events that is better matched to the citizen and the community, and to the goals of the city or municipality in which they are organised.

  • You will quickly develop a broad-based, all-round vision in respect of events and learn how these can play a cohesive role in the event policy. In this way you can improve the chances of impact and success.

  • The focus is on the ROI methodology (Return on Investment) for events, which has been developed on the basis of research. Using online tools you will learn how to identify and enhance the emotional, symbolic, economic and functional value of your event.

For whom?

  • Public sector

Our cities and municipalities are the facilitators par excellence and, more often than not, are themselves organisers of the 77.000-plus events which take place in Belgium every year. The study and guidance programmes have been devised specifically with various employees of local authorities in mind: not only events and leisure coordinators, but also staff in other departments, such as culture, tourism, economics, youth, sport, communication and (city) marketing, who may also be involved with events.


  • Profit sector

As a commercial event organiser in B2B or B2C, you will often find yourself having to work with cities and municipalities, for example, for obtaining a permit for organising your event, for maintaining the public order, for logistics and/or financial support. Moreover, in the profit sector too, the public added value of events is becoming increasingly important. As part of our study and guidance programmes, you will learn how to quantify the public added value objectively and match this to the city or municipality in question.

  • Non-profit sector

For non-profit organisations, the community-based relevance of (public) events is crucial. Our programmes will teach you how to measure, predict and improve the impact of your event in a systematic, transparent and constructive manner.