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Our Event Academy offers trainings, consultancy and customised research

to event professionals active in the public and (non-)profit sector.

Start with Sustainable Entrepreneurship

More and more SMEs want to and are able to do business in a sustainable way. But sometimes it is not so clear where to start. Or how to proceed after those first enthusiastic actions. In both cases, the solution is clear: your company needs a clear strategy and a concrete plan. 

Planning is best done together. That is why we invite you to join us in this unique year-long programme for SMEs, which starts in January 2023. You will combine 10 individual coaching sessions tailored to your company with 10 learning network sessions with other sustainability-driven SMEs, spread throughout the year. 

At the end of this programme, you will have sufficient knowledge and tools to (further) shape the sustainability strategy and planning of your SME.

Event Master Classes

In need of extra knowledge and expertise? Each year, we organise different event master classes, spread throughout the year.


Each master class is followed by a round-table discussion with other event professionals. Do not only learn from our experts, but also from each other!


The topics we cover in 2022 are:

  • Sustainable organisation and communication (Stijn Lambert, 17 March)

  • The future of events post corona (Ken Veerman, 28 April)

  • Crowd counting (Maarten Weyn, 9 May)

  • Vibrant trading centers through events (Herman Konings, 6 October)

  • Inclusive organizations and events (Sana Sellami, 8 December)

Event Toolkit Workshop

The toolkit of the centre of expertise Public Impact contains free tools and guidelines that enables you to calculate the impact and the value of an event.


During the event toolkit workshop, we explain step by step how to use and deploy the tools. You will have the opportunity to practice and work with the tools during the workshop and ask as much questions as needed.


The tools give you the answers to the following questions: Who attends the event? What impact does the event have on society and the local economy? What is the best way to count the number of visitors of your event?


Sign up for the event toolkit workshops we organise on 29 September 2022.

Event Portfolio Workshop


Is the event supply and policy in tune with the DNA of your city/municipality? What works well and what can be improved?


This tailor-made workshop for local authorities goes as follows:

  • A cross-service team is formed.

  • During the workshop, we present our impact model (90 min).

  • We take a close look at the event portfolio offered in your city/municipality and analyse which types of events are missing and of which there is an oversupply (60 min).

  • Together, we develop a supported and tailored event vision (90 min).

  • We draw conclusions and recommendations (60 min).

  • After the workshop, we present it to the college of mayors and aldermen and compile it all in a clear-cut report.

Event Communication Webinar


Who are the visitors at your event? How do you communicate best to which groups? What information are they looking for?


With this free webinar (in Dutch) on target group oriented event communication, we inform and inspire you on how to communicate about your event to specific target groups.


The goal: a better match between your target groups and your event.

Seminar Event Safety

On September 6th, we organise a (free) seminar on event safety. We zoom in on the importance of crowd counting, an essential precondition for the organisation of safe events.


The researchers of KdG and IDLab will present their research results and the new online Counter, which you can use to determine the most appropriate counting method(s) for your event. Also, several guest speakers and partners will explain the why and how of crowd counting by using concrete case studies:


  • Bert Brugghemans, commander of Antwerp Fire Brigade and author of the book 'Alles onder Controle', will focus on how all stakeholders involved in the organisation of events can arm themselves to make an event safe.

  • Gert Claes, organiser of Brussels Jazz Weekend, explains how the data from visitor counts can also help you to organise an event safely.

  • Our project partners Acurity, The Retail Factory, CrowdScan, Citymesh, Proximus and Cropland present their specific counting methods and are happy to discuss with you a tailor-made approach for your event.

Webinar Inclusive Organisations


How inclusive is your organisation? With the website 'inclusive organisations' (in Dutch) and free webinar 'inclusive organisations' we inspire and inform you about different philosophies of life in the workplace. We work around three pillars:


  • create an inclusive climate

  • adopt an inclusive leadership style

  • establish inclusive practices

Watch the free webinar, read more about our management principles and do the check!

Workshop Inclusive Organisations

Creating an inclusive work environment requires concrete efforts and targeted actions.

During this workshop (2 to 3 hours) you will learn how your organisation can make an impact on the different philosophies of life in the workplace. Together, we will look in detail at the ten management principles from our research. Each principle is linked to specific tips, practical examples, and expert advice.

We challenge you to formulate tangible actions and recommendations for your organisation and to take steps towards a more inclusive work environment.