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EC PI_evenementen etnisch cultureel team

Effective intercultural teams

Research period: 2020-2022
ESF project






Organisations that actively commit to diversity-sensitive practices and an inclusive climate, both in terms of recruitment and retention, are scarce. This also applies to the event sector which employs more than 80.000 people in our country.


However, scientific research shows that there are many social and economic advantages to an inclusive personnel policy.


Inclusive staff policy


This project collaborates with the event and cultural sector and strives for an inclusive company policy, both in terms of personnel structure and culture. With this project, we want to show companies within this sector the way to more diversity-sensitive recruitment and selection possibilities.


To this end, we are developing a toolbox with different instruments for HR managers. But we also want to provide them with guidelines and best practices in order to develop a more inclusive climate in their organisation. Here, we focus specifically on team leaders of logistical and technical teams in the event sector.


Design thinking methode


The project is conducted via a design thinking process. This makes it possible to work on solutions for a complex problem in a creative and innovative way. The following five phases are central in this research process: empathise, define, ideate, prototype and test.

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