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Characteristics of the sector

Research period: 2018
In collaboration with BESA and Febelux

How to segment and define the event sector? How many and which companies are overall active in the sector? How many and what type of personnel does the sector employ? How many and what type of events are organised in Belgium? 


In this study, we demarcate the event sector to all commercial organisations active in the organisation of or supply to events for more than 50% of their turnover.

Some remarkable research results (December 2018)


  • The event sector counts more than 3.200 companies.

  • 21% of all event professionals are organisers and 79% are suppliers (e.g. venues, audiovisual support, catering, entertainment, etc.).

  • The sector employs about 80.000 people, half of whom are salaried.

  • On average, an organisation employs 13 staff members.

  • Of the fixed staff, 81% works with the status of a white-collar worker and 19% with the status of a blue-collar worker.

  • There are approximately as many freelance as fixed employees active in the event sector.

  • Every year, about 77.000 events are organised in Belgium.

  • Of these, 67% are B2B events, 27% are B2C events and only 6% are C2C events.

Infographic Evenementensector KdG - ENG.
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