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A counting method tailored to your event

Duration of the research: 2017 - 2018

PWO-project with the support of KdG Hogeschool

There are different methods for visitor counts. But which one is suitable for your specific event? How can you optimally count the number of visitors in function of the duration and size of your event? What do you do with event locations with multiple access routes?


We investigated the practical, financial and organizational feasibility of the various manual, mechanical and digital counting methods. Based on the insights gained from the literature and fieldwork study, a screening was made of suitable and unsuitable counting methods for the different types of events.


You want to go ahaad? Based on a number of simple parameters such as the duration, the surface area of the location and the budget, the tool Telwijzer provides immediate insight into the most suitable counting method(s) tailored to your event. This tool is available for free in the Toolkit.

The accuracy of counting methods

Duration of the research: 2020 - 2022

TETRA-project with the support of Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen

Measuring crowds at events is and remains a challenge. The organizer, security personnel and other stakeholders often talk about different visitor numbers of the same event. Technological counting methods also contradict each other. The need for calibrations for different counting methods is high.


In collaboration with IDLab of the University of Antwerp, we investigate the accuracy of the following counting methods: click counting, quadrant counting, camera counting, wifi counting, mobile data counting and the MensenMassaMeter.