Next to applied scientific research and consultancy, we also provide training and coaching sessions for our students and the event sector.


We organise programmes, masterclasses and workshops for our students Event & Project Management and on demand of our sector.


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maatschappelijke impact

as from January 2020



Event Academy


Become an expert in events and impact

  • For cities and municipalities, but also for event professionals in the (non) profit sector

  • Learn to predict, measure and improve the public impact of events.

  • Discover how to create an impactful portfolio of events.

  • Learn from 12 expert lecturers and from your peers: knowledge sharing, peer tutoring, team coaching and more than 20 hours of personal coaching.

  • Work on your own business case and graduate with a detailed public impact analysis and a clear plan for (more) impactful events in your organization.

  • 9 Tuesdays, from January 7 to April 28, 2020 or opt for a part-time program.