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Diversity in the workplace of event organisations

Duration of the research: 2020-2021 in the preparatory phase

With the support of European Social Fund





Organisations which actively engage in divers-sensitive practices and in an inclusive climate in terms of recruitment and retention of personnel are rare. This also applies to the event sector, which employs no less than 80,000 people in Belgium.


Scientific research shows the added value of an inclusive policy, both in social and economic terms. This project writes an inclusive story, together with the event sector, by working on:

  • the structures in the field of selection and recruitment of personnel with a diverse background and the development of a tool box;

  • the development of effective management principles and practices for team leaders and direct managers. 

Diversity in the workplace for SMEs

Duration of the research: 2019-2021

PWO-project with the support of KdG Hogeschool

Although research clearly shows the benefits of diversity, reality is that diversity in the workplace still too often turns out to be theory. SMEs do recognise the added value of diversity management and, given their size and structure, can create a more rapid support for it. However, they often lack specific knowledge and guidelines to apply this impactfully within their organisation.

So there is still work to be done in order to create a diversity management in SMEs. Certainly with regard to the integration of employees with a different religious background, problems often arise.

This project aims to provide a reference work and a networking opportunity for SME managers in order to distribute best practices from specific management cases. This will enable SME managers in Flanders to implement a religious diversity management, also in the short term.

The distributed best practices are derived from in-depth interviews with both employees and employers of various Flemish SMEs.

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